25th February 2024 10:49 am
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Johnny Knoxville pops up on YouTube

In a bizarre coincidence Johnny Knoxville has popped up on YouTube twice in as many days.

The Vanity Fair channel recently uploaded a video with a somewhat misleading title.

It promises that Knoxville will talk about “every injury of his career”, but a lot of them are left out entirely.

That being said, it’s still a very interesting reel of his career with commentary from the man himself about how his various escapades lead to hospital visits.

The most interesting part about it for us was the obvious repulsion to pepper spray and how devastating it can be. This coming from a guy who then goes on to talk about a bike skewering his genitals and his eye popping out.

It seems that this video is part of a press tour for Knoxville’s new movie, Action Point.

The next video doesn’t feature Knoxville himself but rather his relatively unknown impact on the gaming industry.

DidYouKnowGaming? covers fictional characters that were inspired by real people in the latest episode of their video series.

Here Knoxville is said to be the basis for two different characters – Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes and Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

Even if you’re only interested in these characters, we do suggest you give the whole video a watch as it’s equally interesting.

Finally, if you want another strange Jackass/YouTube crossover, Steve-O made a guest appearance on Game Grumps. Here he spends around 45 minutes playing MadWorld and speaking about his life, and it’s an oddly entertaining piece of media we suggest watching.

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