28th February 2024 4:59 am
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3D Printed Chain Chomp eats up all your spare filament

Today the Chain Chomp finally gets a 3D print to join the likes of other Super Mario Bros. enemies like Bullet Bill and the Goomba.

Maker Arden Markin created this version of the character in Blender using a simple picture as a reference – a process that only took around three hours.

Some of that design work time was dedicated to making this easier to print, as well as eliminating the need for any paint.

Thanks to the Chain Chomp’s limited pallet, its files are sliced by colour ahead of anything else. If you have grey, white and black filament on hand you can leave this print bare.

The version you see in the gallery below has no post processing work done to it at all so you can see what your version should look like right off of the printer.

Markin tells us that this version – which is around 35 grams and 7.5 centimetres in diameter – took around five hours to print.

To make your own you’ll need the free files from Thingiverse. If you don’t want to bother printing the chain we’re sure any scrap piece of steel chain you may have lying around will look good here.

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