23rd February 2024 11:59 am
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This Raspberry Pi-based instant camera turns photos into cartoons

The Raspberry Pi board can be used do all manner of things, especially in the hands of someone creative.

Case in point, a cartoon-ifying instant camera created by Dan Macnish, which was recently shared on Hackaday.

The device, which does not have an official name, takes regularly snapped pics that one may take with an instant camera and “transforms” them into crudely drawn cartoons thanks to neural network.

Leveraging Google’s Quick Draw! dataset, Macnish’s creation is able to identify about picture passed in front of its lens and them reinterpret it into the cartoon version and print them via a thermal printer.

Should you be interested in creating a similar invention, you’ll need a Raspberry Pi 3, a v2 camera module, thermal printer and of course Macnish’s code which has been handily placed on Github.

When it comes to interesting ways to use a Raspberry Pi and code, this is definitely one of the more out there examples.


[Images – Dan Macnish]


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