26th February 2024 10:05 am
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Alex Jones reportedly suspended from Twitter for a week

The past couple of weeks haven’t been great for conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones and his InfoWars network, with a number of high-profile Silicon Valley companies pulling his divisive content from their platforms for violating policies.

To date Twitter has been the only holdout, but that has changed somewhat with CNN reporting that the microblogging site have suspended Jones for a week.

Twitter has been one place that Jones has turned to since being banned from the likes of YouTube and Facebook, utilising Periscope in particular to stream his InfoWars shows.

A recent streaming session has forced Twitter to act though, as Jones was reported as telling his audience that, “now is time to act on the enemy.”

That said, Twitter’s action is a little more tame compared to the likes of YouTube and facebook, with Jones unable to tweet or retweet during his suspension period from his account.

That account is still visible, however, and followers can view all of his previous content.

As such it seems like Twitter’s measures are a very tame slap on the wrist, with the company and CEO Jack Dorsey coming under fire for the lack of definitive action against Jones.

As for which avenue Jones will be turning to now to deliver his content to his audience, Engadget says Tumblr is his latest refuge, but how long it will remain so is unclear.

With more and more content publishing platforms closing the door on Jones, it should be interesting to see if he can be purged from the internet for good.


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