25th February 2024 10:59 am
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How to build your own LEGO Jehuty from Zone of the Enders

To promote Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner – Mars, Konami has unveiled an impressive scale recreation of the Jehuty Orbital Frame.

There is a short timelapse build video of the sizeable model that you can watch below, but it is rather sparse on details.

Thankfully we happen to know the man behind it in. Friend of the site and an incredibly talented builder Marius Herrmann is known for his Titanfall and Horizon Zero Dawn builds.

“Konami Germany approached me and asked if I could recreate the Orbital Frame Jehuty from ZOE, for the release of Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner – Mars,” Hermann tells us, “Being a huge fan of Yoji Shinkawa’s designs (Both for ZOE and MGS), this was an awesome opportunity. They had the idea for a time-lapse video, which is a first for me. But I think it turned out really good.”

This model took between two and three weeks to create, using up 1 055 pieces.

Another piece of vital information missing from the video is the fact that a full parts list and set of instructions has also been created by Hermann and given out for anyone to use and make their own.

You can find the splash page for these on one of Konami’s sites.

Aside from Jehuty itself, there are also details for a stand to keep it upright.

For those new to building custom LEGO pieces, we suggest using Bricklink to get the individual pieces. This secondhand marketplace is a bit difficult to use, but you won’t find pieces cheaper and you will be surprised to find how many people are selling.

While this is clearly just a piece of marketing material to advertise the game, we’re really happy to see companies putting time and money into fan creations like this.

The fact that Konami released the instructions and parts list is even better, considering they’re not (directly) making money off of doing so.

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