23rd February 2024 6:55 am
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iOS 12.0.1 update addresses iPhone Xs charging and WiFi problems

The launch of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max has gone smoothly for the most part. Compared to previous bendgate years, the latest Apple hardware has held up to scrutiny for now.

The software is a slightly different issue though, with a small number of complaints from users that the devices suffer from charging and WiFi connectivity issues.

The issue here was that the iPhone Xs and Xs Max would sometimes not charge when plugged in if the pone was asleep. At the time Apple had no comment or fix, but that changed earlier this week.

To that end Apple is readying a fix in the iOS 12.0.1 update to take care of the charging problem, as well as a bug that saw devices join a lower frequency WiFi band.

According to a screenshot acquired by The Verge’s Dami Lee, the iOS 12.0.1 update should be available to iPhone Xs and Xs Max owners already, if not arriving in the next couple of days.

Along with the charging and WiFi, the update also tackles some smaller bugs like Bluetooth connectivity dropping at times, and a lack of subtitles for some apps. Added to this is the “.?123” key returning to its original position for the iPad.

In the greater scheme of things iOS 12.0.1 is not Apple’s most significant update, but it’s always pleasing to see a fix going out quickly when an issue arises.

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