25th February 2024 10:31 am
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Got a couple spare hours? See how a mechanical press is made out of LEGO

Every so often the Brick Experiment Channel on YouTube will do the rounds for pushing LEGO mechanisms to the point of failure and beyond, and now you can go for a ride to see how these machines are made.

The channels latest video is two hours, 38 minutes of building, showing how a mechanical press goes from a bunch of bricks to a working machine.

This obviously won’t be intriguing for everyone, but for those of us interested in how these builds come together, it’s a fascinating watch only if you catch a few minutes of it.

Anyone who wants the juicy part should skip to this timestamp if they want to see the press in action.

Now, this isn’t a hydraulic press so don’t expect it to do be destroying an old Nokia or anything like that.

Instead a sensor used shows that the press pushes down at 64 kilograms. Now we’re not sure exactly what that “64 kilograms” represents, but we believe it to be a simple measure of the amount of “weight” that the press can simulate.

If that’s true this is extremely impressive as even LEGO’s biggest electric motors are known for being on the weak side.

That being said, this channel is known for squeezing out the most from these motors, specifically when it manages to lift more than 100 kilograms with a single one and a lot of clever gearing.

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