23rd February 2024 6:48 am
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Rumour suggests Microsoft has disk-less Xbox One on the cards

It’s been a while since a new console rumour has done the rounds, but luckily one involving Microsoft and Xbox is gaining tracking following a report on Thurrott.

The console in question sounds rather intriguing with a disk-less version of the Xbox One S said to be in the works for 2019.

The device would not feature a slot for gamers to insert a game disc and would rather only play games that were obtained digitally.

With the majority of games we review these days, not to mention the early access afforded to digital versions of titles, it’s clear to see why Microsoft is wanting to test out these waters with its Xbox One consoles.

While unconfirmed by the company, the disk-less Xbox One S (man we have to come up with a better name) would sport similar hardware to Microsoft’s slimmed down gaming console and retail for a reported $200.

If the console did indeed come in around that mark, it could have the potential to be a real game changer, especially for those put off by the price of current hardware.

Added to this, Thurrott’s sources say gamers will be able to trade-in their existing physical discs for redeemable digital codes via their Xbox Live accounts.

With Microsoft making clear their intention to dive into the world of being able to stream games you want to play, bringing a digital-only Xbox One console to market would represent a substantial step.

Whether this rumoured console turns out to be a reality, will have to wait until E3 2019, when Microsoft makes many of its big hardware announcements for the year.

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