28th February 2024 5:28 am
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How to make the most of student discounts in 2019

With the new year beginning, students around the country are making their way to the tertiary institutions they were accepted.

While most students will be concerning themselves with the academic year ahead, a lot of attention will also be paid on how they’ll pay for things, especially with a lack of full-time employment.

This is where students need to be frugal, and look to make the most of the places that offer student discounts. With that in mind we’ve rounded some of the best places that students can put their discount to use in 2019, and hopefully make the year less of a burden financially.

As you browse through the list below, remember that all retailer, shops and venues that offer student discounts will need you to provide that you are in fact a student, so having your student card close at hand is a necessity.

Local places that offer student discounts:

iStore South Africa – iStore South Africa offers discounts to students, teachers, schools and universities. iStore South Africa does not have a fixed discount for students, with it changing seasonally. It’s therefore a good idea to sign up for their newsletter in order to stay up to date on offers.

Laptop Direct – This is an online store that offers notebooks, smartphones and tablets at discounted prices, you can go online to view their offers. Laptop Direct discount  rate varies depending on the device, so check in routinely to see what is on offer.

Computicket – If you are interested in booking tickets for shows and other activities you can go to Computicket. They offer reduced prices for students. Some of the discounted packages are not available online due to special requirements, such as producing your student card. You can locate your closest Computicket branch here.

Greyhound and Intercape – For those of you who love to take a “Sho’t left” to see our country, or travelling to see loved ones from other provinces. Greyhound bus services offer student discounts at 10 percent and Intercape at 5 percent, both of which are only valid provided you produce a student card upon purchase and when boarding.

Varsity Vibe – This is an online app that is specifically for students on campuses across the country. It organises student deals with companies such as Uber. As a student you will need to sign up and pay R200 membership fee once off. That price may seem a little steep, but given how extensive their catalogue is a savvy student can certainly make back that R200 in savings every month.

Elex academic book store – This book store offers different academic material such as books, notebooks and student furniture, either online or at their store in Pretoria, there is no fixed discount, so you will need to go to the store or online to check out their offers.

Student deals – This online site is for students that use NSFAS financial aid to purchase study material, they look for the best deals for textbooks and all tech gadgets for students who use the financial aid scheme.

TravelStart – TravelStart offers students with discount on flights, as well as holiday packages locally and international suitable for those wanting to travel on a budget.

Gold Reef City – As a student you might want to let loose and have some fun. Gold Reef City is a nice place to do so for those on the highveld, and offers discounts for students on their rides. It’s R175 for entry to Gold Reef City for students, at the time of writing.

Table Mountain –  For those of you who are studying in the City Bowl, why not use your down time to head up Table Mountain? Every Friday they offer student discount prices. You can see the city in a whole new view, with it costing  R150 return and R80 one-way only.

Cape Union Mart – This retailer has outlets nationwide and offers a range of  camping gear products for those of you who love the outdoors, with stores serving up a 5 percent discount.

Game – Game stores offer student discounts, with the percentage of the discounts varying depending on the time of year or product being purchased. You will need to provide a copy of your registration form from your respective tertiary institution, as well as fill out an application form in-store.

Shoprite and Checkers – Both Shoprite and Checkers have student day discounts that offer 10 percent discount (percentage and dates on the site are from 2018) to students for four days each month. You will need to register on with SMS and if you are successful you will receive a discount offer.

Skipper Bar – When you sign up to Varsity vibe, you qualify for a 10 percent student discount at Skipper Bar. Here you can save on all your favourite athletic brands such as adidas, Nike and Reebok.

Side Step – This chain of stores also has an offer that’s valid for student who join and become members of Varsity Vibe, you can up to 10 percent on a range of high quality brands.

Factorie – As a student you qualify for up to  20 percent discounts from Factorie, provided you have a membership with Varsity Vibe.

Cotton On – Another store which is part of the Varsity Vibe platform, Cotton On offers students up to 20 percent on all shopping, with the ability to shop at any store or online.

Typo –  Part of the same group as Cotton On, Typo too is affiliated with the Varsity Vibe platform. Just like Cotton On, students qualify for up to 20 percent discounts to shop in-store.

H&M –  This store doesn’t offer student discounts, but given their popularity we thought it worthwhile to mention them. Instead of discounts H&M offers gift vouchers for old clothing (clothes must still be in decent condition). A plastic bag full of old clothes can get you up to two 15 percent vouchers to use in store, with the clothing not needing to be from H&M as they accept any brand.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

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