28th February 2024 4:35 am
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Trash Fyre – The failure of Fyre Festival as told by Netflix and Hulu

Last week the infamous Fyre Festival was thrust back into the public conversation.

The reason for this was the release of two documentaries about the failed luxury festival on Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix opted to go with the convoluted titled of Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened while Hulu opted for the more succinct Fyre Fraud.

Many of us know how the Fyre Festival turned out but the details of how the event became such a trash fire aren’t common knowledge. Both of these documentaries do an excellent job of telling the story from concept to “execution” using testimony from attendees and folks who helped “organise” the festival.

In our opinion the Hulu documentary is the one to watch here because the producers managed to get an interview with the mind behind the festival, Billy McFarland.


Many of us laughed at the images that filled the internet on the weekend of Fyre Festival in 2017 but what was happening behind the scenes is shocking. The amount of money that was fraudulently acquired to host a mess had us slack jawed for the duration of the documentary and reminded us a lot of Jordan Belfort’s exploits in Wolf of Wall Street.

The Netflix documentary is good as well and focuses more on the stories of the people on the ground. The organisers, the builders and even the cooks have a chance to make their story known. It is heart wrenching at times but will continuously shock you, especially the story that event producer Andy King tells about getting a shipment of Evian water delivered.

We highly recommend watching both documentaries but if you don’t have a Hulu or Netflix subscription there is another way.

YouTube channel Internet Historian created a video about Fyre Festival in 2017 with a slightly humourous take on the events that unfolded on that fateful weekend.

This video is only 11 minutes long so if you need the cliff notes we recommend watching the video below.

Following the release of Netflix’s documentary Ja Rule, who was involved with the festival and Fyre, went on the offensive.

“I had an amazing vision to create a festival like no other,” the rapper tweeted. “I would never scam or fraud anyone what sense does that make.”

The rapper also alleges that Hulu paid McFarland while Netflix paid Fu*k Jerry, the firm that ran Fyre Festival’s social media accounts during the build up to the event.

Both documentaries are worth watching especially if you enjoyed films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, only this is real life and McFarland is only just starting to feel the repercussions of the fraudulent festival.

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