26th February 2024 9:10 am
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A cheaper replacement for LEGO’s crowdfunded Forma set

If you’re a sucker for kinetic sculptures and sea life, famous LEGO builder Jason Allemann has a new project for you.

This creation repurposes an official set – 31088: Deep Sea Creatures – and adds a mechanism that moves the brick built shark side to side, mimicking a swimming motion.

If, at this point, you’re wondering why we’re covering a random build of a shark, it’s because of what LEGO themselves did in September of last year. The billion dollar company organised an Indiegogo campaign for a new line of sets called Forma.

Forma is the basis of this build by Allemann, as it also focuses on this unique set of motions to make an interesting desk toy.

Allemann’s build, however, is important here because of the difficulty of acquiring a Forma set. The campaign was only open to those in the US and UK, the shark version costs around $70 minimum, and presently there doesn’t appear to be a way to get one aside from overpaying on the secondhand market.

This fan creation uses a $15 set and modifies it with common pieces. Even if you have to buy those pieces extra on their own, we can’t see this project costing more than $25 including delivery. That may change slightly depending on where you live and if you already have the pieces on hand.

You can see a demo of this clever idea down below, and the instructions (with parts list) can be found on Allemann’s website. 

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