22nd February 2024 12:18 pm
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/r/FreeFolk is the best Reddit sub right now

Game of Thrones is winding down as the last season of arguably the world’s most popular show recently aired its fourth episode, with only two left before it’s all over.

But we’re not here to talk about the show itself, not really. We’re not even going to speak to the quality and fan reception of this season. No, we’re going to talk about Reddit.

As a quick primer / refresher: Reddit is a site that is divided into smaller communities called subreddits, or simply “subs”. These subs can be very general (/r/Aww is for anything cute, especially animals) or exceedingly specific (/r/BlurryPicturesOfCats is exactly what it sounds like).

The “/r/” in front of a sub’s name denotes the fact that it is a subreddit, taken from the URL of that community. The aforementioned /r/Aww is www.reddit.com/r/awww. Typing the name of a sub into a comment on the site also automatically creates a hyperlink to that sub, which makes sharing them easier.

Okay, now let’s talk about /r/FreeFolk. The best way to describe this sub is to compare it to the much larger /r/GameOfThrones. Where the latter is heavily moderated, extremely sensitive to spoilers and usually less critical of the show, the former is the opposite in many ways.

It adopts the free, open nature of the Free Folk it is named after, but why is it so fun to visit right now?

The community on this sub is simply pumping out the best content around the show. If you want to discuss leaks there’s this comprehensive guide, if you want discussion on the latest episode here you go and if you want memes, you’re in the right place.

Now those two links there do contain spoilers if you follow them, but this story does not, which presents us with a problem: how do we show you some of the sub’s best content without spoilers?

Well regardless of your consumption of the show, you may have heard of this non-story related blunder: a cup of Starbucks coffee can be clearly seen at one point in the latest episode. Yes, maybe the biggest show in the world focused on medieval fantasy made a blunder like that.

So here’s what /r/FreeFolk did with that blunder. The below could be considered “spoilers without context”, so fair warning:

At this point, I don’t think that anyone would be surprised. from r/freefolk

The starbucks cup wasn’t the first time they messed up from r/freefolk

Starbucks cup mystery solved. Sansa is petty, the north remembers. from r/freefolk

A Starkbucks must always be Winterfell. from r/freefolk

Why is nobody talking about this revelation? from r/freefolk

By the way, the header image at the top of this story has been edited. A dog does not operate a ballista in Episode 4. We can’t speak of the last two episodes, but that image was made by user Pocketsizedwolf.

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