26th February 2024 10:54 am
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IEC assures voters of the integrity of the elections

Hours after voting closed for the 2019 national elections, some allegations arose regarding two potential incidents of double voting, and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has assured voters of the overall integrity of the electoral process.

According to SA News, an investigation has been launched into these incidents, and the IEC guaranteed the nation that while investigations are underway, the election process contains a number of checks and safeguards which serve to protect the integrity of the process.

“Two separate instances have been brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission over the past few hours, in which it is alleged voters were able to cast more than one vote at different stations,” said an IEC spokesperson.

The organisation explained the security level that each voter has to go through which are:

  • The voter’s roll, which only allows registered voters to vote and only allows for a single registration per voter.
  • The requirement for voters to produce a valid ID document before they vote.
  • The scanning of the ID documents prior to voting.
  • The marking of voters thumb with ink.
  • The completion of a form containing the details of voters and the signing of a sworn declaration by voters where they vote at a voting station at which they are not registered.
  • Party agents and observers monitoring all aspects of the voting, counting results and capturing process.
  • In-built system based expectation reports for which various tolerance levels have been set.

“As part of the process of finalising the results of the elections, the Commission will assess data from scanners, VEC 4 forms which are used when voters vote outside their voting districts and the voters roll to identify potential risks,” explained the IEC.

They added that where there is evidence found to support electoral fraud, it will firstly quarantine the results of the affected voting districts and then pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.

“The Commission will not allow the potential misconduct of one or two individuals be they voters or election officials to taint the overall outcome of these elections,” concluded the IEC.

[Source – SA News]

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