25th February 2024 10:48 am
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Bungie is patching that Menagerie glitch, recommends abusing it

Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Season of Opulence is well underway with players exploring the secrets of the Leviathan and the history (and possible future) of the rotund Emperor Calus.

One of the main features of this season is an activity called The Menagerie. The six-player activity tasks Guardians with completing tasks akin to those you might find in a raid.

The activity culminates in a boss fight and when the boss is killed players can open a chest containing loot.

What makes this activity unique is the Chalice of Opulence. This item allows players to configure Runes they collect in specific combinations which yields specific loot.

You can find a full recipe list for the Chalice of Opulence over on the r/raidsecrets sub-Reddit.

Once players have killed the boss they are given over 200 seconds to explore the Menagerie to look for lore scattered around the area. But players discovered a glitch they could abuse.

If a player leaves the area where the chest is located and turns around when they see the location text appear on the bottom left of their HUD to head back to the chest, that instance containing the chest resets and gives you another shot at grabbing some additional loot.

The glitch makes farming for a god roll (weapons and armour with the best perks and attributes) less of a chore and many in the community wondered if it was intentional.

Well, in this week’s This Week at Bungie update we found out that it was indeed unintentional.

“When Season of Opulence began, we watched as players quickly discovered a bug in how the Menagerie’s final chest granted rewards. Players began to race out of the area and then back to the chest as fast as they could to get as many rewards as possible before sent back to orbit,” Bungie said.

“Consider this an error in your favor. We haven’t rushed to fix it, but when we patch on July 9, this loophole will officially close, allowing only one opening of the chest per completion. Until then, we invite you take advantage of this all you like. Grow fat with strength.”

As a player who has abused this bug to get a decent roll on an Austringer Hand Cannon, this news stings a bit but it’s also understandable.

Allowing players to just sit in one instance opening a chest over and over again isn’t engaging and given that there is lore scattered throughout the Menagerie, Bungie surely wants players to find that content.

Despite this fix, the Season of Opulence is by far the best release in the Annual Pass thus far, at least in my opinion. Being able to visit the Leviathan outside of the context of the raid is fantastic and the lore that we’ve uncovered in this cursed area of the massive world eater so far, is building up to something big.

So you have just a week left to abuse the Menagerie glitch. Grind out those Runes, defeat the boss and then open that chest as fast as possible.

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