22nd February 2024 12:25 pm
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Phil Swift stops sawing boats in half to make one out of glass

For many years now Phil Swift and the Flex Tape / Flex Seal products have been a fun recurring joke on the internet thanks to their outlandish infomercials including one where Swift famously sawed a boat in half and repaired it with the aforementioned tape.

Now the madman is back at it again but with construction instead of destruction on the menu, despite the fact that the new infomercial features the always grimacing Swift with a sledgehammer in its thumbnail.

The product on offer this time around is a new variant of the company’s Flex Glue, which this time around is clear. So what better way to show this off than with some glass?

Over the weekend this new video (embedded below) was released showing off the construction and use of a boat apparently made using only tempered glass, an outboard motor, and the Flex Glue Clear to stick everything together.

Reading the little disclaimers that pop up during the video and they only state that “bracing was used during construction of glass boat” and the obligatory “DO NOT ATTEMPT”.

Aside from these publicity stunts getting by on their own merits / insanity, they really took off around 2017 when popular YouTube channel JonTronShow made a video about the original boat sawing incident.

While the original infomercial was semi-popular on its own, this new video put a lot of new eyes on Swift and the Flex products and, at the time of writing, has around 44 million views.

It went so far that JonTronShow even made a followup video – Flex Tape II: The Flexening – that was sponsored by Swift Response, the company behind the Flex products. While not as popular as the first video, it’s still sitting at around 15 million views.

It’s all a bit of goofy fun in this circus of horrors we’re living through and we suppose that one could argue that, ultimately, a big company is profiting off of a meme and internet good will but, damn, that’s not the worst thing to be happening right now.

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