22nd February 2024 1:25 pm
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Watch Brad Pitt interview an astronaut aboard the ISS

Hollywood has taken us to space a good few times over the years but yesterday Brad Pitt was given a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The opportunity was to interview Astronaut Nick Hague who is aboard the International Space Station. Naturally, Pitt was on the ground as he’s currently doing promos for forthcoming film Ad Astra.

This interview seems to form part of that promotion but Pitt appears to have a fascination with space, which is understandable because space is cool.

The interview kicks off with Pitt asking whether Ad Astra gets zero-gravity right in the film. According to Hague, the team aboard the satellite were treated to a pre-screening of the film earlier this month.

“I gotta tell you it was really good. The depictions, the settings, but I have to tell you it was probably easier for me to enjoy,” said Hague as he spun 360 degrees on stream effortlessly.

The interview provides a rather interesting look at both space, the ISS and the psyche of astronauts. Honestly, we didn’t peg Pitt as an interviewer but he did a good job.

On the note of psyche, Hague explains that connectivity aboard the station makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones.

Another interesting topic of conversation was Hague explaining how his body has evolved to live in space.

“This is one of the unique challenges for the body. The callouses on my feet have gone away because I don’t walk on the bottom of my feet. Now I have callouses across the top of my feet because I use them to hang on to handrails. It’s just one of the strange things you don’t really think about on the ground but then you get up here and you think wow, the body is this amazing, constantly evolving thing,” said Hague.

The more serious question came toward the end however when Pitt asked who controls the jams aboard the ISS. The answer is that there is a playlist that everybody gets to contribute to.

You can watch the entire interview below as well as a trailer for Ad Astra below that.

[Image – NASA]

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