23rd February 2024 12:15 pm
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Free Lives’ Gorn to release on PS VR this year

Free Lives – the rather popular South African developers famous for Broforce – are bringing its ultra violent game Gorn to PlayStation VR before 2019 is over.

This was announced on the official PlayStation Blog, with the author being a designer from the studio – Ruan Rothmann.

The blog pegs the release window as “Winter 2019”. As this is the US version of the blog, we assume that means winter in America, which kicks off in December. We’re not sure why they didn’t just write “December 2019”, but American seasons as way of release dates is a whole issue we’re not going to get into here.

As with most of Free Lives’ games, this new version of Gorn will be published by Devolver Digital. A third team is in the mix this time, however, as 24Bit Games will be assisting in the creation of this iteration. This studio also helped with the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports of Broforce, so it makes sense that the three would work together again.

If you’ve not seen Gorn before, it really is a sight to behold in just how violent it can get, and how fun it is to rip into the caricatured gladiators which are the most common enemy. It really is best seen in motion (so check out the trailer at the bottom of this post), but Rothmann explains it pretty well:

“Gorn is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator featuring a unique, fully physics-driven combat engine. It gives players the freedom to execute their most violent gladiatorial fantasies. Gorn is designed around intuitive gameplay, making it one of the best games for first time VR players.”

Gorn was part of Steam’s Early Access programme for a while before being launched on that platform back in July of this year. On Steam the game is currently sitting with an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on all reviews, with just under four thousand user reviews.

With the quality of the game itself not being in question here, it remains to be seen if it can be preserved and optimised for the PS VR hardware once it makes the jump.

This news comes as part of the recent State of Play September 2019. A list of announcements from it can be seen in the announcement blog. There’s an unusually high amount of PS VR titles included, which is odd as the system doesn’t get too much attention, especially with a PlayStation 5 announcement seemingly around the corner.

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