28th February 2024 4:31 am
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After more than six years a new Charlie the Unicorn video has been released

Years ago, when the internet was a bit more of a simple place, a series of animated videos called Charlie the Unicorn became popular for its random humour that was so popular at the time. The last main video from the series came out in December of 2012, but now we have a new entry.

The Grand Finale (Part One) was just released a few hours ago and, well, very little has changed. The same characters return, including the titular Charlie and the two other unnamed unicorns.

It seems some world ending threat has been released and the trio is out to do… something about it. If you’ve ever watched the previous videos it’s very likely that the pink and blue unicorns are behind everything, though the video’s opening scenes show that this may not be the case.

The animation looks a bit more crisp after all these years and the series has made the jump to full HD, as the last video was still 720p.

Oh, and there’s a song in it too, as is tradition.

If you’ve been following the FilmCow channel (which created Charlie the Unicorn) this new entry in the series may not be that much of a surprise. That’s because the Grand Finale was actually a Kickstarter campaign which took place years ago.

$209 247 was raised to make the end of the series, which was initially promised as a 30 minute entry. As this new video is only around ten minutes, and is labelled as part one, you can bet that more from Charlie the Unicorn is on the way.

The first part of the Grand Finale is embedded below, and you can watch this “Series Thus Far” video which combines the initial four videos, if you’ve never seen them before. it may seem a bit odd in 2019, but humour was different back then. It’s worth remembering that the first episode was a Flash animation from 2005.

Strangely enough, Charlie the Unicorn wasn’t the only old internet meme to pop up again this week. Vince Offer, “the Shamwow guy”, released two new adverts for the product, also on YouTube this week.

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