22nd February 2024 5:29 pm
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Final Fantasy VII Remake demo pops up on PlayStation Store

For those patiently waiting for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to be released come 10th April, you will be able to play a bit of the game right now thanks to a demo that was just released onto the PlayStation Store.

“Available to download now from the PlayStation Store, the demo allows players to experience first-hand the opening chapter from the game, and the events of the iconic Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission. In addition, those who download the demo before May 11, 2020 will also receive an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme when the full game launches next month,” a press release for the news reads.

Those planning on purchasing the full game later will be happy to know that progress made in the demo will carry over.

Since going live less than an hour ago at the time of writing, the demo has racked up 247 ratings with an overall five out of five stars. We’re not sure how many of those are genuine and not just people riding the hype train, however.

If you’re at work right now you can watch the demo being played on both YouTube and Twitch where many have already finished all of the available content or are going through it right now and you can join in on it live (until the boss walks in). An official trailer is also available as an embed below.

Once you get home the demo can be found here with the download coming in at 7.59 gigabytes, so you should be able to get into it fairly shortly even with moderately fast internet.

Initial reactions to the Final Fantasy VII Remake seem to be positive at the moment. With the original game being so beloved it would be easy to muck this up, but things seem fine right now. Hopefully it stays that way until the April release.

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