26th February 2024 10:23 am
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Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal arrives in South Africa on 13th April

Genndy Tartakovsky, the man best known for Samurai Jack and the 2003 Clone Wars show, released a new project called Primal in 2019. Now, some time later in 2020, South Africans will be able to enjoy it too.

On 13th April all of Primal – its first season of five episodes – will arrive on local streaming site Showmax. This will land on the site as a single release, so you will be able to watch through the entirety of the show without any (further) waiting.

We know that many local fans have watched the show already, either by less than legal means or by skirting georestrictions with a VPN. For everyone else this is a perfect time to finally watch it, especially with a national lockdown due to keep everyone indoors until for while, not counting any extensions.

If you’ve somehow missed all the trailers before now, Primal is a show about a caveman and a T-Rex teaming up for some absolutely brutal adventures in prehistory. If you can’t handle gore we do recommend approaching this one with caution as there’s a lot of stuff here that will trigger the squeamish.

Showmax gave us early access to the first two episodes of the show and, without spoiling anything, it can definitely stand up with the aforementioned Samurai Jack and Clone Wars. As this is still early days for the show, even with the delay getting it to South Africa, it’s difficult to say if Primal will have lasting legacy like the other two.

Despite our warnings of the gore earlier we didn’t expect the level of it in the first episodes. You won’t be seeing detailed horror here – this is an animation involving dinosaurs – but it is rather metal.

All we can recommend is that you give the show a watch when it arrives and decide for yourself.

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