26th February 2024 8:44 am
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Google in talks with Samsung to bring more of its services to devices

Next week Wednesday, Samsung will be unpacking as many as five new devices as part of its Galaxy Note 20-focused event. The latest bit of news involving the South Korean firm could also see Google and its services feature more prominently on Samsung smartphones and other mobile devices moving forward.

This as Bloomberg (paywall) reports that the pair are currently in discussions over the likes of Google Assistant and Google Play Store, and in particular having them feature more heavily in the mobile experience of Samsung devices.

With Huawei no longer an option for Google given it has been placed on the entity list by the US government, as well as Pixel devices not widely available across the globe, it would make sense to get Samsung onboard as far as mobile services goes, especially as they’ve held the number one spot among phone makers for some time now.

Added to this is the fact that Samsung is the leading manufacturer when it comes to the Android platform.

We’ve already seen the likes of LG lean heavily on Google in terms of mobile services in the past, with Assistant in particular being used.

The case for making it the same on Samsung devices is there, especially given the mixed reaction that consumers have had to the company’s native digital assistant, Bixby.

Making the dedicated physical Bixby button that we’ve encountered on many flagship Samsung phones a Google Assistant one instead, would likely make the feature more palatable for consumers.

The pair working closely together would be quite interesting too, with The Verge noting the clash over TouchWiz in the past still leaving both parties rather sour. Still Google has been able to find ways to work with rivals, with it being the default search engine for Safari on Apple devices.

If Google and Samsung were to come to an agreement, it would prove costly though, with Bloomberg’s sources saying it be a multi-million dollar deal.

Whether a deal is ironed out before next week’s event is unlikely, but perhaps an announcement will be made during the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2021.

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