22nd February 2024 3:30 pm
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OneCart is extending its operating hours to 20:00 at selected retailers

While a myriad industries has faltered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, one which has benefited significantly is ecommerce, especially here in South Africa, with a handful of players currently dominating the online retail and shopping landscape. When it comes to groceries and essentials, one such player is OneCart, which has been operating effectively throughout the pandemic and lockdown.

So much so in fact, that now OneCart is extending its operating hours, making it possible to shop and have deliveries sent to your address up until 20:00 in the evening. There is of course one significant caveat, as the extended hours only pertain to businesses and retailers that similarly operate at such late hours.

Depending on where you are in the country then, and which retailers have signed up for OneCart in your area, getting after business hours shopping delivered is now a possibility.

Either way it does give OneCart a slight edge over other similar offerings locally, such as Checkers Sixty60, which stops delivering around 18:00 in our previous experiences with the platform.

While the extensions are welcome, we have encountered one issue. Namely an inability to know whether or not a retailer caters to the newly extended hours or not. The only way to really find this out is once you get to the checkout portion of the online transaction, with the mobile app (Android in our case) simply featuring the announcement on its home page, but not detailing which retailers in your area offer extended shopping hours.

It would be nice to know this information before we begin selecting products and head to the checkout, so hopefully OneCart will consider adding notifications of some kind should enough customers voice similar queries.

In the interim though, with the pandemic and lockdown here to stay for the foreseeable future, our dependence on ecommerce platforms will remain increasingly popular.

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