26th February 2024 9:47 am
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Netflix’s live-action Gundam movie is a go

Netflix adapting a popular anime has become a bit of a meme at this point, but that has not stopped the streaming service in its pursuit of content that will win over more fans. The latest project to get the green light for a live-action adaptation is Gundam. Yes, that’s right, arguably the most popular mech anime franchises of all time will be getting a live-action adaptation.

For now, Netflix has only confirmed that the project is a go, but not detailed any timelines in terms of when production will start or indeed when it plans to release it on the streaming platform.

That’s not to say that there is no information apart from the announcement, however, as Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, has been attached to produce and direct the film. Accompanying Vogt-Roberts is Brian K. Vaughn, known for his brilliant graphic novel series Y: The Last Man working on the script.

As Engadget points out, it may be awhile until we see any more information on the Gundam film, as Vogt-Roberts is also working on another beloved franchise, with a Metal Gear Solid project under works.

As for what the focus of the film will be, it looks like Netflix is going to keep to the original canon.

“The story for the live-action film version of Gundam is being kept under wraps but the original Gundam series is set in the Universal Century, an era in which humanity’s growing population has led people to emigrate to space colonies,” reads the company’s press statement.

Given the plethora of spin-offs and expansions from the 1979 original, it may be best to stick with the origins in order to keep fans happy.

We’re also hoping that Netflix uses this opportunity to cast as many Southeast Asian talent for this project as possible, which is something that has sorely been missing in other live-action anime adaptations, we’re looking at you here Dragonball Evolution.

[Image – Photo by Jason Ng on Unsplash]

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