27th February 2024 6:26 pm
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Another crossover: Rick and Morty and Rainbow Six Siege

Well here’s a rather odd pairing: Rainbow Six Siege will crossover with Rick and Morty by way of cosmetic DLC later this month.

The Operator Smoke will receive a skin based on the now infamous Pickle Rick episode. Players will take the form of the grotesque rat exo-suit which appears in episode three of season three.

Operator Sledge will get a skin based on the bug-like Gromflomites which appear in multiple episodes of the show.

The short trailer revealing these cosmetics, embedded below, also reveal two weapon charms both based on Rick. For the ultimate in humiliating your enemy you will soon be able to kill opposing players with a rainbow skin gun adorned with a Pickle Rick keychain.

This content launches today, 15th April, though you may not see it available just yet depending on time zones.

Reception to this Rick and Morty content has been mixed. Some who don’t like Rick and Morty obviously don’t like this while others question how this meshes with the semi-serious setting of Siege.

For the latter group we can’t help but point out that two weeks ago the “Rainbow Is Magic” event took place which allowed players to dress characters up as bright pink unicorns. At this point the ship has sailed on Siege being a stoic military shooter.

For those who aren’t a fan of Rick and Morty it is interesting to know that more crossovers like this may be happening in the future. In the announcement on Twitter the official Rainbow Six Siege account states that “more collaborations [are] coming this year!”.

We’d love to see some Marvel and DC content as the next crossover. This is for a rather selfish reason as we just want to see some of the shield Operators using the famous Captain America vibranium disc. As both Marvel and DC have appeared in Fortnite we think this isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

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