22nd February 2024 3:09 pm
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Slack’s latest feature is an audio channel teams can drop in and out of

There are so many ways to communicate remotely these days and now Slack has launched yet another channel where teams can communicate, this time with voice.

Slack Huddles is a new feature for paid Slack teams that functions sort of like Discord. That is to say that it allows teams to hop in and out of a voice chat channel.

“Similar to the way you might drop by a colleague’s desk to solve a thorny problem or grab a few teammates on the way out of a meeting and debrief, huddles create a space to talk through work on the fly. Plus, everyone in that channel or DM is free to join or leave the conversation as they please,” Slack explained in a blog post.

The organisation hopes users will jump into Huddles to brainstorm ideas, chat or have a meeting.

While we could bemoan the introduction of yet another communication platform, this solution from Slack might make sense if an organisation isn’t making use of Microsoft Teams or Zoom already.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned, Huddles are only available to paid teams which means that if you’re using Slack for free, you’ll still have to turn to other solutions.

Slack does appear to by vying for a spot as the destination for workplace communication and features like Huddles help to make it a solution worth considering for firms of all sizes.

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