28th February 2024 6:01 am
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Star Wars: Visions is another Disney+ exclusive we can’t watch in SA… legally

Star Wars: Visions is an upcoming anime anthology series coming to Disney+ in September (selected regions).

In what has become an all too familiar trend, as this is exclusive to Disney+, those wanting to watch the series locally will need to find creative and illegal ways of accessing the content as the streaming service has still not been made available locally.

The current series many South Africans are likely pirating is Loki, which along with WandaVision and The Mandalorian is a lot of great content that South Africans are not able to get their hands on, but would be very willing to pay for.

It is a real pity too, because based on the First Look video for Star Wars: Visions shared over the weekend (pasted below too), the anthology series is certainly something that anime and Star Wars fans alike would be interested in watching.

Listening to the Japanese studios that have been chosen to work on the project, each will be creating a unique episode focusing on an spect of the Star wars universe, but told through their own lenses. Much like the Animatrix, which too was an anthology series, there looks to be scope for lots of intriguing storytelling and captivating visuals.

While it remains to be seen what happens down the line with more anime-style content, hopefully the potential success of Star Wars: Visions will open up more Disney-owned properties to collaborate with Japanese studios, or perhaps even original content appearing on the platform.

We have already seen Netflix push for anime in a big way, but given the IP in the Disney stable, the opportunities are abundant.

Hopefully between now and September the local status of Disney+ changes, but in the interim, this is certainly one project we’re keeping tabs on.

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