22nd February 2024 5:13 pm
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WhatsApp testing multi-device sync sans phone

A highly requested feature is finally being tested out by WhatsApp – the ability to sync chats on multiple devices without the need to connect a smartphone.

Currently in beta, the feature has been one that those using the instant messaging platform have been baying for, as up until now connectivity to the mobile version of the app was required as well. This was necessitated by the end-to-end encryption of chats on WhatsApp, but it is no longer a concern with the multi-device sync now catering for it too.

As this feature is in beta, it is not available to the wider WhatsApp community, with only a selected number of users being invited to trial it out for now, according to Engadget.

Those who do have access to the beta will be able to setup their WhatsApp profile on their phone and up to four different devices, provided one of them is not another phone. The system will also employ unique identification keys for each device is setup via this system, with it previously only featuring one key for the primary device, which was often a phone.

The publication adds that users will be able to opt-out of the beta once done, with Facebook (which owns the platform) doing some fine tuning before rolling out to all users in the coming months.

Precisely when that will happen is unclear, but for now it looks like the feature is almost ready for launch.

Once available, it will mean use of WhatsApp in a working environment might prove easier. That said, given the service started out as a simple way for friends and family to keep in touch, what it has morphed into today, certainly blurs the line between one’s work and social life.

We only hope that the addition of such handy features do not get used as an avenue for employers to communicate and keep tabs on employees outside of the regular nine to five working hours.

We’re also hoping that WhatsApp does not become more distracting now that it will sync across a handful of devices, but the chances of that are slim.

[Image – Photo by Asterfolio on Unsplash]

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