25th February 2024 11:35 am
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Elon Musk says Tesla Superchargers will work with other EVs later this year

In a pleasant change of pace, we’re reporting on an Elon Musk tweet that is not controversial or divisive, but instead could prove interesting for those who do not own a Tesla electric vehicle. This as the Supercharger stations (seen in the header) that the company designed to charged Tesla cars could soon be used to charge other manufacturers’ EVs.

For those unfamiliar with the company’s charging technology, which is widely recognised as leading the industry, Tesla created its own proprietary charging connector, mainly as there was no universal standard among manufacturers. A point that Musk makes in the tweet below in reply to a comment made on Twitter regarding how the company struggled to get help from others in the industry.

Whether that assertion is indeed true remains to be seen, but the most crucial element of Musk’s reply is the fact that Tesla will be making its Supercharger network available to other EVs later this year.

Given that this information was shared in a tweet and not an official statement, it is unclear if it is indeed true, so it’s always good to take the things that Musk says online with a generous pinch of salt.

That said, there is some credence to this, with Electrek reporting in June that Tesla was in discussions with regulators and authorities about opening up the Supercharger network to others, highlighting 2022 as a window of availability.

Perhaps then, those discussions have progressed far quicker than originally anticipated.

This would open up a wider network of chargers for those who do not own a Tesla EV in North America and Europe, with the latter struggling as far as its dispersion of stations across the continent is concerned.

For those in South Africa, there is far less hope, as we’re still awaiting any updates on whether Tesla cars will ever officially be made available in the country, but we can still dream.

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