23rd February 2024 11:20 am
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LEGO offering custom comic books for Comic-Con

Over the weekend Comic-Con@Home 2021 took place, continuing the tradition of many large conventions being hosted online as the pandemic continues. For the event LEGO has offered its fans the opportunity to make their own comics based in the worlds of Spider-Man, Batman and Star Wars.

This all happens on a dedicated site available here, a tool simply called the “Comic Creator”.

The Comic Creator starts with participants creating a LEGO minifigure however they like. A skin tone, head, hair, shirt and pants can be chosen. Each of these has around two dozen options so, while there is a lot of choice, it’s not unlimited.

Once a minifigure has been created a questionnaire will need to be filled out. These eight questions will affect how the story in the comic plays out.

Finally there’s the choice of theme between the three aforementioned properties. It’s interesting to see comic competitors Marvel and DC sharing the spotlight here, with Star Wars joining in on things too. Since LEGO already makes official toys based on these three it’s maybe not too surprising.

With all the user input filled an email address is required to actually receive the comic. Unfortunately you will need to fudge things a bit here if you live outside of the supported countries of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Simply fire up Google to find some location details. To receive a digital copy of your comic only the city name, state and zip code is required – an exact street address is not.

After a minute or two an email will be sent with a PDF download link of your custom comic. We chose Spider-Man to test this system out and the comic is just under 100MB and 12 pages long. The last two pages of the PDF are adverts for LEGOLAND and VIDIYO, so the comic is actually 10 pages long.

The resulting comic is intended for very young kids so don’t go in expecting anything more. If you do want to see the Comic Creator in action before committing the five or so minutes it takes to make, you can see a short video of it below.

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