22nd February 2024 12:51 pm
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Six years after Undertale, Deltarune Chapter 2 gets a release date

As one of the most influential indie games of all time, Undertale originally released on 15th September 2015. To mark the occasion of this anniversary, the second chapter of follow-up game Deltarune has been announced for release soon.

How soon is tomorrow, 17th September. The official Undertale / Deltarune Twitter account has announced the launch with a short trailer, a launch that will happen for PC and Mac.

Developer of both games Toby Fox provides further details adding that the exact release time is 20:00 Eastern Time. Locally that will be 02:00 on 18th September, so South Africans hoping to play will need to stay up rather late or wait until the next day.

The first chapter of Deltarune was released for free back on 31st October 2018, so it has been quite some time since then.

For those who haven’t played it chapter one is still available for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Downloads can all be found on the official website for the game.

“You can play Chapter 2 without save data from Chapter 1. As long as you generally remember what happened story-wise, you’ll be fine,” reads the site.

With an almost three year gap between chapters we’re sure a lot of people will be replaying the first chapter as a refresher, or at least looking up some recaps on the internet.

Shifting back to Undertale and, for the 6th anniversary, Fox and a few other people played Undertale in a livestream.

The livestream was entitled “UNDERTALE 6th Anniversary So We Play DELTARUNE Chapter 1 For Some Reason” but we obviously know now that the reason was for the upcoming announcement of the next chapter.

The livestream is available to watch on YouTube in the embed below.

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