22nd February 2024 12:49 pm
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Deltarune got several fixes over the weekend

Last week the much anticipated second chapter of Deltarune was launched, but it came with a few hiccups that have been ironed out over the weekend.

One of the big issues was crashes which seemed to be caused by controllers. Developer Toby Fox identified the issue and a hotfix was applied a couple of days after the chapter went live.

That was not the end to the fixes happening over the weekend, however. On late Sunday (depending on your timezone) another patch was issued which addressed the following:

  • Noelle’s softlock after a long walk and hop fixed.
  • Game softlocked after sparing poppup while others ACT fixed.
  • Crash from the friendly butler and vase in the acid area fixed.
  • Crash after blocking poppup frame-perfectly fixed.
  • Crashes in two mansion rooms from pressing spacebar fixed.
  • Crash when pressing up while transferring the disk fixed.
  • Crash checking recruits at a save point at the end of the game with partial recruits fixed.

Those who already have the game downloaded should download it again if there’s still any issues present.

That’s a lot of work to do over the weekend for a game that is entirely free right now, but it has been much appreciated by the Deltarune and Undertale fans.

“My head is spinning seeing the massive response to Chapter 2. Thank you so much for playing, everyone. It was a really silly chapter, and the next one is going to be super silly too!” Fox wrote on Twitter.

An update on when that next chapter will be out has been provided here though no exact date was mentioned.

Deltarune Chapter 2 is available now for free on PC and Mac. Chapter 1 is also free for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Download links can be found on the official Deltarune site.

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