26th February 2024 9:35 am
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Micron has decided it doesn’t need the Crucial Ballistix brand anymore

One would think that there would be a bit of fanfare when a company decides to kill off one of its more well known brands, but that isn’t the case with Micron.

The memory chip maker has quietly announced that it end-of-life’d its Crucial Ballistix, Crucial Ballistix MAX and Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB product lines. When we say quietly, we mean almost silently because Micron hasn’t published the news on its website. Thankfully a press release was sent to The Verge which published it in full.

Why is Micron shuttering Crucial Ballistix? The company hasn’t said. Instead, Micron states that the company will focus on the development of its DDR5 client and server roadmap, “along with the expansion of the Crucial memory and storage product portfolio”.

“We remain focused on growing our NVMe and Portable SSD product categories, which both offer storage solutions for PC and console gamers. Additionally, Crucial JEDEC standard DDR5 memory provides mainstream gamers with DDR5-enabled computers with better high-speed performance, data transfers and bandwidth than previously available with Crucial Ballistix memory,” vice president and general manager of the Micron Commercial Products Group, Teresa Kelley said.

Given the ongoing semiconductor shortage, this move makes a degree of sense especially with DDR5 memory being the new hotness.

To be clear, the Crucial brand will still be around, whether we will see a new DDR5-focused brand for gamers from Crucial remains to be seen.

Crucial also hasn’t said how it will handle support for these end-of-life products which is a bit of a problem. As such, maybe look at alternative memory brands if you’re shopping for components.

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