27th February 2024 8:23 pm
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The latest insane crossover is Slipknot in Smite

We really thought that videogame crossovers couldn’t surprise us anymore, but now Slipknot is coming to Smite.

Later this month the band will appear in the god battling game. Like other crossovers the playable gods will receive skins which turn them into the crossover subject as follows:

  • Poseidon: Sid Wilson, Corey Taylor and Craig Jones.
  • Chaac: Jim Root, Alessandro Venturella and Mick Thomson.
  • Raijin: Michael Pffaf, Jay Weinberg and Clown.

We’re given precious little information from the trailer (embedded below) and the official Smite website, but some extra titbits are available on the website for Knotfest.

From this post we learn that the band worked with the Smite team to make the event as authentic as possible.

“In addition to players being able to select who they want to do battle as, the event will serve as the largest Music Theme in SMITE‘s near decade of online-gaming domination. Featuring ‘Duality,’ ‘Psychosocial’ and ‘The Devil In I’ the three anthemic Slipknot cuts will synchronize with players’ in-game actions. Programmed and reconfigured by SMITE’s Audio Lead, Kellen Malone, the songs’ dynamic, real-time playback breaks new ground in the SMITE lexicon and creates a truly immersive gaming experience for fans across the spectrum,” the website reads.

These three songs apparently each have multiple tracks that will be played in matches to sync up with what’s happening in the game.

“That’s a first in SMITE and it makes it the biggest music theme to date. The rotation component also ensures the tunes are fresh and as heavy as possible each time you hear them. If you like your music heavy, this is the definitive choice,” Malone writes.

For those wondering the song used in the trailer is Duality.

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