26th February 2024 9:02 am
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See Tom run in the teaser for Dead Reckoning

It’s a big week for Tom Cruise as Top Gun: Maverick finally releases and there was a leak of the teaser for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Now, thankfully, we have an official release for the latest movie in this franchise.

In it we see Cruise as Ethan Hunt once again needing to tackle some world changing MacGuffin, this time something that can “control the truth”.

With fake news and other forms of misinformation still a very important topic we have to wonder if the control of information will be the main driving force of the plot.

Seemingly connected to this is a physical key which pops up at several points points in the teaser. Cruise even does his slight of hand trick with the key that was made famous from the 1996 movie.

Vehicles, as always for these movies, get a lot of screen time with trains, planes, automobiles and more getting a look in. Hell there’s even some horse riding.

A bright yellow classic Fiat 500 seems to be especially important here and, by the way it comes out of a parking lot, it may be self-driving. It would be rather funny if the high tech spy car for this movie is the humble Fiat 500.

And, of course, Cruise sure does a lot of running here. It’s become a meme that now Tom Cruise project is complete without extended scenes of the actor running for dear life and this teaser for Dead Reckoning is no different. We particularly like the part at around the one minute, thirty second mark in which he seems to be running through some old temple complete with large pillars and candles, as you can see in the header image above.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One has no release date just yet but is scheduled for some time in 2023.

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