22nd February 2024 1:53 pm
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Bethesda shares Starfield silent protagonist news, job listings

Bestheda has shared some interesting news about Starfield over the last few hours, especially around what the protagonist in the game will say and who is making the game.

While the Starfield player character may have a lot of written dialogue, players will not be hearing any of it as they are a silent protagonist.

Many remember that Bethesda experimented with a non-silent protagonist in Fallout 4 to a mostly negative reception from players.

We have to wonder if that reaction is why Starfield went back to more tried and true design decisions.

If that is the case we’re a bit perplexed as the problem with the character speaking in Fallout 4 was never a problem of the actual audio, but of the writing.

The dialogue choices in Fallout 4 were infamously stripped down and simplified compared to previous entries in the franchise. If Starfield has the same level of disappointing writing it doesn’t really matter if there’s no voice acting to accompany it.

Once again we’ll need to sit tight and see how this decision pans out with Starfield set to launch in 2023.

Back on Earth and Bethesda also shared that it is hiring at locations in the US and Canada.

Despite only offering jobs overseas we encourage anyone who seriously considers one of these positions to apply anyway, even if they’re not based where the ad is listed. Work from home for employees in other countries became popular over the pandemic so you may as well shoot your shot and send out an application.

While not Starfield-specific (the job listing mentions Elder Scrolls and Fallout) this is exciting for those who want to work on these games.

That job listing landing page can be found here and there’s quite a few open positions, 32 to be exact:

  • Animation Programmer
  • Associate Data Analyst
  • Associate Level Designer
  • Associate Producer
  • Build Programmer
  • Engine & Systems Programmer
  • Environment Artist
  • External Producer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Lighting Artist
  • Live Producer
  • Outsource Art Coordinator
  • Outsource Integration Artist
  • Producer
  • Senior Artist
  • Senior DevOps Programmer
  • Senior Gameplay Programmer
  • Senior Producer
  • Senior Systems Designer
  • Server Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Programmer
  • Technical Artist
  • Technical Producer
  • Test Automation Programmer
  • Tools Programmer
  • UI Programmer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • VFX Artist
  • Video Editor
  • General Application

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