22nd February 2024 4:14 pm
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Liquid C2 opens Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Kenya

  • The Cyber Security Fusion Centre is the second on the African continent.
  • Liquid C2 aims to construct six of these centres across the continent.
  • The centres give businesses of all sizes and governments access to vital cybersecurity services that would otherwise be costly.

As Africa addresses connectivity and more citizens and businesses come online, the potential for cybercrime increases as well. Cybercriminals then leverage the lack of education these new internet denizens have to execute attacks.

In a bid to address this, Liquid C2, a Cassava Technologies business, has opened its second Cyber Security Fusion Centre on the African continent in Nairobi, Kenya.

The first centre was launched in Johannesburg earlier this year. It provides managed cybersecurity detection and response services to businesses and government.

Liquid C2 aims to build six of these centres around the continent and use them together to build resilience against digital threats.

“Kenyan businesses have seen increased digital adoption, and the country’s connected population in early 2021 was nearly 22 million. The increased number of digitally transformed businesses and individuals means that the target pool for malicious entities is also becoming wider. As a result, we have witnessed immense interest from customers wanting to partner with us to benefit from the services our Fusion Centre offers in South Africa,” said Liquid C2 chief executive officer, David Behr.

“And now, we have brought the same expertise to Kenya’s ever-growing digitally connected population. Through our matrix of Fusion Centres, Liquid C2 will predict, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks that target our customers,” he added.

Customers in Kenya will be able to make use of services that leverage Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel. SMEs in Kenya will also be able to access solutions from Xcitium. For businesses that need a security operations centre, this should be a viable alternative.

We’re especially keen to see how Liquid C2’s threat intelligence evolves as these centres open up. One of the greatest tools in cybersecurity is knowledge sharing and by having intelligence from not just different companies, but different geographic locations as well.

This could provide deeper insight into advanced persistent threats, threat groups and more.

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