23rd February 2024 11:51 am
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Reddit okays explicit content, with some AI-generated exceptions

  • Reddit has added a new stipulation to its policy on sexually explicit content being posted to its platform.
  • The addition makes an allowance for AI-generated content, provided it is not a deepfake.
  • How well it will be enforced, however, remains to be seen.

In recent weeks Reddit saw nearly all of its communities protest the platform’s API changes that specifically targeted third-party app developers.

While Reddit has seemingly been able to ride out the worst of the protests, it is now turning its attention to sexually explicit media and in particular making an allowance for a new element – AI-generated content.

The change was spotted by The Verge, and while sexually explicit content uploaded without creator or individuals’ consent remains in place (which dates back to 2018), Reddit is seemingly fine with said content being AI-generated.

In the update, which was made two days ago at the time of writing, Reddit makes mention of the new element near the end of its policy page regarding sexually explicit content.

“Note that the rule does not apply to media distributed commercially with the consent of those depicted, AI-generated sexual media that depicts fictional people or characters, or artistic depictions (e.g., cartoons, anime, etc.) – although keep in mind our rules regarding respecting the intellectual property of others,” it reads.

AI-generated sexual media that depicts fictional people or characters, or artistic depictions (e.g., cartoons, anime, etc.),” is the newly added aspect as part of the update.

With there being some potential room for interpretation, the platform also added to this policy change in a post on its r/redditsecurity subreddit, noting that, “While faked depictions of non-consensual intimate media are already prohibited, this update makes it clear that sexually explicit AI-generated content violates our rules if it depicts a real, identifiable person.”

As such, AI-generated deepfakes are strictly prohibited from the platform, which is in keeping with a policy it began enforcing in 2018.

Again, it will be interesting to see how well this change to policy is policed by the platform. As we have seen for many others this year alone, AI-generated content may be impressive, but its difficulty to spot also creates an administrative headache.

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