As higher stages of loadshedding arrive, RCT has you covered

Well it has happened again. Before South Africans could say goodbye to 2023, we have been hit by stage 6 loadshedding once again. After a brief respite from loadshedding a few weeks ago the stages have been escalating and things may even get worse over the holiday / New Year period due to the heatwave and high electrical demand it brings.

Thankfully there are some companies offering products to help you become more energy-independent, and one of them is RCT. This brand comes to us from Rectron, a South African tech distributor with almost 30 years of experience bringing the best in tech into the country.

The wide catalogue of RCT can be shopped right now at where you can find a huge array of power products to suit any need and any length of loadshedding.

Now under stage 6 let’s look at a powerhouse that RCT offers in the form of the RCT T-2000s MegaPower Trolley. This unit takes the high capacity of a UPS and makes it more mobile with wheels and handles so it can be taken anywhere to power anything.

And we do mean anything because you will find full size South African plugs. With a 2 000W battery onboard you can power quite a lot for several hours, depending on what you plug in.

For example your power from this unit can last a truly crazy 12 hours when you plug in a 55W notebook, 30W router, 5W phone and two 5W LED lamps.

But what if you want to connect more? Take a look at this list of appliances below –

  • 2 X 5W phones,
  • 2 X LED lamps,
  • 1 X WiFi router,
  • 1 X 20W tablet,
  • 1 X 30W satellite,
  • 1 X 50-150W LED TV,
  • 1 X 50-150W desktop computer.

The RCT T-2000s MegaPower Trolley can provide power to all of those for an estimated three hours. Even if you are in the unfortunate blocks which get two and a half hours of loadshedding at a time, instead of the more common two hours, you can still power all of that for the whole time, even if Eskom forget to turn you back on at the right time.

RCT has engineered all this power cleverly with several safeguards in place. The battery, for example, comes pre-installed so you don’t need to worry about the process of installing it yourself. There’s also a battery cut off switch and easy monitoring of the device’s data thanks to the screen and status LEDs.

The built-in MPPT solar charger even gives you the option to charge from the sun so you can become even more energy-independent. If you’re planning on going on holiday this gives you a way to still enjoy electricity while living off of the grid or camping. With the RCT T-2000s MegaPower Trolley and some solar you may even have more electricity while outdoors compared to back home connected to Eskom.

Before you leave for that electricity-filled trip make sure to check out the RCT T-2000s MegaPower Trolley and the rest of the RCT power offerings on


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