Phones and desktops play together with Google HTML5

Google, ever the innovative company, knows a thing or two about “leveraging architectures” and “harmonising platforms”. In this case, it’s used its know-how of HTML5 and web syncing to let your desktop browser and phone be used to play a game of skee ball. Or, as Google calls the game, Roll It.

Ok, so it’s just another clever demonstration of HTML5, you think. Well, not quite. On your desktop browser – Chrome, for the best results – you load up the Google Roll It page. It’ll show the skee ball arcade cabinet and then prompt you for some details. It also gives you a unique game code. Now you load up the same page on your phone, where you enter the unique code. Google’s web voodoo links your phone to your browser, through the power of the internet, and you can now use your phone as a controller. You select the direction in which you’d like to roll a ball, then swing the phone to roll it along. It uses the accelerometer in your smartphone, so harder swings will get your closer to higher points.

A very high-tech and crafty way of showing off its muscle, and now we’re just left wondering when they’ll make a Google Doodle with this kind of interactivity.

Google Roll It


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