How to build a gaming PC for less than the cost of an Xbox One

The Xbox One is essentially a PC running a custom version of Windows 8 and since we reportedly won’t see it until next year in South Africa we wondered if we could build a PC now that could game like the Xbox One at the same price?

We tried hunting each component individually, but there’s such a mark up at most retailers that even a three or four-year-old graphics card costs as much as decent mid-range one overseas. Unpeturbed, we decided to look into the world of pre-built machines, and specifically those from Matrix Warehouse. A couple of tweaks on the old configurometer and we’ve got something that will run through most PC games perfectly happily, and play them offline too.

We started with the Zixaa Hurricane which retails for R4299

We then added

All of this combines for a sleek total of only R6597 which undercuts the 425 Pounds price in the UK which translates into R6769.40 today.

So if you’re looking for a new gaming machine that can double as a media machine that plugs into your TV then perhaps you shouldn’t wait for the Xbox One in 2014 and rather build your own PC now.

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