Glorious Geek Fest for Joburg nerds!

Calling all cosplayers and Star Wars fans: celebrating geek culture is not just for the Yanks or the Japanese. South Africa has its own mini-festivals where geeks can buy cool collectibles, dress up, play games and have fun.

Geek Fest 2013 is taking place on the 31st of August at Goldfields Kennel Club in Germiston. It will be the best place for fans of fantasy fiction, D&D enthusiasts, anime lovers and anyone who loves movies with the word “Star” in the title to get together and have a bit of family-friendly fun – in costume, if they wish.

There will be stalls selling comic books, collectibles and other cool stuff, quizzes testing nerd knowledge and opportunities to play fantasy card and board games against strangers, and more. You can even watch radio-controlled robots battle it out, or take part yourself with your very own Frankenbot if you have the skills to build one.

The festival is being put together by local etailer The Dark Carnival, a site that stocks the kind of paraphernalia that will delight collectors and fans of comic books, graphic novels and movies.

For more information, check out the festival’s Google+ page, found here. It’s one for the diary.


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