Office for the iPhone is here!

Since 2008 and the introduction of the app store into iOS, Microsoft Office users have been clamouring for an Office for iOS app that would allow them to create, view and edit their Office applications on their iPhones. That day has finally arrived with the announcement by Microsoft that Office for iPhone has been commercially released. It will be available in 29 languages covering 135 countries within the next 4-5 days which we believe South Africa to be a part of (we are still waiting for official confirmation from Microsoft).

The application will only be usable by those who have an Office 365 subscription which costs R650 a year and requires you to enter your credentials to sign into the app. When viewed in isolation the price looks steep, but when you take the fact that Office 365 Home Premium allows you to install the full Office suite on up to 5 PCs or Macs the price becomes more reasonable. The app allows users to work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint files on their iPhones. OneNote and Outlook are excluded from the mix because there is already a OneNote application for iPhone and Outlook is a Windows Phone exclusive application with Microsoft stating that ” iPhone offers a native Exchange ActiveSync email experience in the email app.”

For a full walkthrough of the Office for iPhone app you can take a look at this article from Pat Fox the senior director of product marketing in the Microsoft Office Division


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