Bad day for Ubuntu: phone pics leaked and forums hacked

The future’s looking pretty good for Canonical at the moment, what with Ubuntu Touch on the horizon and lots of carriers potentially interested in offering for sale. The present… not so much. There’s a big sign over the popular Ubuntu Forums community homepage that says closed for business, while admins try to fix a security breach which has apparently left 1.82 million usernames and passwords compromised, and then some wag reckons they’ve stolen pics of the forthcoming Ubuntu Edge phone from another unprotected directory on Canonical servers.

All in all, not good at all – and you’ll need to double check all your passwords as it looks like the hacker has usernames, emails and passwords all in unencrypted form. If you’ve used the same password anywhere else, change it fast.

The kicker is that the phone is due to be announced tomorrow and it looks, frankly, beautiful. See below for the full gallery.

(via Google+)


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