Map Monday: A map of the internet on your smartphone

If you’ve ever wondered where you fall in this huge internet, the answer can today be revealed. Because, believe it or not, there’s an app for that.

Actually, this specific app has been around since March, but today it’s been revealed by PEER 1 Hosting that it’s Map of the Internet app (for iOS and Android) has been downloaded over 100 000 times. That means 100 000 other people think it’s a pretty damn awesome tool, and you should, too.

Load it up, and it’ll show you major internet nodes across the globe. There are no overlaid borders or lines to tell you which country or continent you’re on. Instead, you rely on using the layout of internet connections to determine your geographic whereabouts. In North America you’ll instantly be able to tell where you are, so concentrated are the networks there. In Africa, though, you can pick at the major internet nodes. Pictured here, in our headline image, is Internet Solutions, one of the major providers in the country, with links that reach across the globe.



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