Map Monday: Take a stroll through Diagon Alley with Google Street View

Last week we told you about Google opening up its Street View Trekker backpack program to applications from anyone who wants to take the Trekker to new and interesting places. This week Google has added a new and interesting place of its own to the Street View world. Users can now take a tour of the Diagon Alley set from the Harry Potter movies at the Warner Brother’s Studio in the UK. You can take a stroll past Ollivanders wand shop through to, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and Madam Malkin’s School and Formal Wear. The set which took more than 3 months to build along with 6 months to create the 20,000 different items and packages that appear throughout the marketplace is instantly familiar to anyone who has watched any of the Harry Potter movies.

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Google has begun to offer more off beat locations to its Street View service of late including  Battleship Island, the Japanese island used in the James Bond film Skyfall, Grand Canyon and the Canadian Arctic. It all forms part of the updated Google Maps experience that Google promised at Google I/O this year.


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