Opel releases iOS app for its flagship performance car

We’ve seen telemetry apps before – they’re available on iOS, Android, and even Windows computers. In most of those cases you’ll need a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the car’s OBD II port, allowing data to be logged. Thee are even standalone devices for logging telemetry and beaming it to your PC at a later date.

Opel’s just made it a whole lot more awesome, though. The Astra OPC, its flagship performance model, can now be ordered with an accessory called the OPC Power App kit. This harness plugs into the car’s engine control unit (ECU) and creates a wireless hotspot. But rather than providing turbocharged connectivity, like the LTE hotspot in Audis, the hotspot in the Astra lets you use an iPhone application to wirelessly monitor the car’s performance.

It’ll let you view, in real time, data such as tyre pressures, g-forces, vehicle speed, engine speed, power output, and more. In total, 60 data channels are available to be monitored by the app – far more than the usual OBDII logging solutions allow. Drivers will also be able to monitor track times and locations, in addition to visual representations of the car’s attitude during hard cornering.

The Power App kit is a R6 052 option, though – so it’s not as easy as just downloading the free app. And it only works with iPhones.


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