Updated: PS4 gets digital library

The UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine website is reporting that at the recent Develop conference held in the UK, Sony’s R & D senior team leader, Neil Brown, detailed Sony’s plan to give players full access to their digital games on other PS4s.

He said gamers would be able to visit their friends’ homes, and once they had logged into their Sony accounts, all of the games in their digital collection would be available to play, once they had been downloaded to that console.

Most games are rather large, though, meaning a lengthy wait for multi-gigabyte downloads to complete before play can start. Not so with the PS4: Brown explained that the PS4 has a feature called Play As You Download that lets gamers play the first few levels of their game, while the rest downloads in the background.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has not revealed any background-download-play-while-you-wait feature for the Xbox One, although the digital library concept that is in place with the Xbox 360 will remain the same for the Xbox One.

Correction: The original article stated that the ability to share digital titles between Xbox One consoles was an idea that was axed in Microsoft’s reversal of the Xbox One’s original feature list. As has been pointed out to us by eagle-eyed readers, this is not the case at all, and the Xbox One will treat digital titles associated with gamers’ gamertags just as the 360 does now, meaning they can and will follow gamers around if they sign in to another console. The article above has been edited to reflect these changes, including the headline “PS4 does what the Xbox One won’t, and better.” We apologise for the inaccuracy.


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