Still no LTE for the Galaxy S4 in South Africa

Six weeks, that was how long Samsung said we would have to wait from the time the Galaxy S4 launched in South Africa until the time when the i9505 model also known as the Galaxy S4 LTE was supposed to be available. Then after six weeks passed with no sign of the superfast handset, the official word from the networks was that the expected date had been shifted to the end of July.

Here we are 13 weeks after the launch, and it’s going to be another four weeks at least until we see it.

“The original plan was to have the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE available at the end of July 2013; this date has been moved towards the end of August.” a Vodacom spokesperson told us. If we were anywhere else in the world, you could just opt for the Galaxy S4 Active to get your fix of S4 goodness along with the LTE connection you desperately want. But while Vodacom “do have plans to stock the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active”, details will only be available closer to the launch date. Which is sometime this side of never, apparently.

MTN says that the Galaxy “S4 LTE is still in a testing stage, we (they) are expecting to range it, we shall (they will) announce its availability when time is appropriate.” but that the “S4 Active is not in MTN immediate plans, we (they) shall announce if there any new developments in due time”.

Cell C still doesn’t have plans at the moment to bring in either the Galaxy S4 LTE or the Galaxy S4 Active at this time, although they have not ruled it out forever.

At this point you might be all over the HTC One: not only does it have an arguably better build quality and material selection that the S4, it has LTE on every model. Of course, not every network stocks that, either, despite it consistently earning the moniker of world’s best phone wherever it gets reviewed.


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