Sunday round-up: 5 best of the week in tech

Sunday afternoons and there’s nothing to do while you wait for the braai to cool to cooking temperature except sit back and read the paper or chat about the week’s events. Looking for something interesting to pass away those lazy few minutes or start a semi-cerebral chat about? Look no further.

In the first of a now regular weekly feature I’m going to round up all those fantastic and fascinating stories that have happened all over the world in the last seven days, then whittle it down to the five most interesting and out of the way pieces which are worth your time.

And finally, as a bonus prize and a bit of shameless self-promotion, there’s a write up I put together of a recent conference of tech hub managers across the continent in which they talk about bandwidth being the biggest problem they face for the future.

Same time next week? Also, if anyone fancies coming up with a better and less obliquely clever header image for this section, get in touch.


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