22Seven gets prettier, drops fees, updates iPhone app with purchases

22Seven, the Cape Town startup that is changing the way people see money, has had a facelift. Not only that, it’s also reduced its monthly subscription fees from R70 to R25.

The site’s main point of focus is now the Money Hub, which features more information than the old Accounts section. It incorporates accounts such as investments and loans, giving users a better idea of what their finances look like across all accounts. It also tracks these values over time, so five years from now you’ll be able to see what you were worth today. Hopefully it’s more.

We can also confirm, according to a source at the company, that the 22Seven iPhone app will also get an overhaul. The new app will boast in-app purchases to access the service, as well as a way to subscribe monthly. For those who choose to be mobile only it will also be possible to sign up using the app, and completely bypass the flashy new website.



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